O Programa

The GRADUATE PROGRAM IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES-LITERATURES AND TRANSLATION of the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo – Brazil.

The Graduate Program in Foreign Languages-Literatures and Translation (PPG-LETRA) is the result of a long collaborative process through which a number of previous graduate programs dedicated to the study one or two languages and cultures were merged.

Aiming at transcending the nationality paradigm, the program welcomes research proposals encompassing epistemological affinities and parities beyond linguistic traditions, and is divided into three concentration areas: a) Language Studies; b) Literary and Cultural Studies; and c) Translation Studies. At the end of the program, Masters and PhD students will obtain a graduate degree in "Foreign Languages-Literatures and Translation" with the indication of their chosen concentration area. To know more about the concentration areas, lines of research and the projects carried out by faculty, please refer to the menu on the left.   

PPG-LETRA encourages investigations that involve a plurality of languages and cultures. Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Jewish and Russian languages and cultures, among others, are contemplated as research themes. Possible research topics within PPG-LETRA include cultural studies, comparative language and literary studies, foreign language learning and teacher training; translation studies focusing on a variety of textual genres; and the use of new technologies in translation, language education, and other areas.

PPG-LETRA is committed to fostering high-quality graduate education that will enable students to develop outstanding research in a variety of areas, in order to become teachers and/or researchers affiliated to colleges and/or universities in Brazil or abroad, or successful independent researchers. 

Our selection process occurs once a year. For more information, click here